Review: Heart Detox by Bo Sanchez

Not so brief Overview:

I am not quite sure if a “book review” could best describe this article but since I realized how helpful it is to instill in a person the habit of reading, I decided to assess my understanding over any book that I have read by writing a blog (review – a book review) about it.

The “Heart Detox” book was not the first book that I have finished reading but this is the first one which will receive a review from me (through online blog). I think it would be best to begin with a thought on how I came across this hundred-paged book. I bought it along with another book that I gave to my friend as a birthday present. While I was browsing the shelves under the “Inspirational” category, this one caught my attention. Perhaps, it’s because I was in need of something to refresh my heart with how to beat the right way. I looked at the price and saw that it wasn’t too pricey. Then, I read on the description of the book at the back portion and finally decided to buy it. (Obviously, that made me the type of shopper who looks at the price first before starting to put my interest on an item.)

It took me quite a while before I actually opened the book to start some good read . I first thought of covering it with a gift wrapper so that when circumstances will allow that I will read it in a public place, I won’t catch anyone’s attention or have them judge me based on the book’s (original) cover. They won’t actually know what kind of book I’m reading. Now, the bottom line is, I read the book and posted my first book review.


The Review:

The “Heart Detox” is a short book, straight-forward and contains relevant illustrations about the matters that the author would like to point out. Because it’s not a thick book, there wasn’t a single page that I could consider as a dull one. The list that I found on its table of contents gave me an impression that this book is easy to read and indeed, it is. Honestly, Bo Sanchez can be “corny” sometimes whenever he throws out a point to laugh about in the book. I hope that this will not offend him but I think, in all fairness, his jokes  and punchlines might sell-out when I will hear them from him than read them from the book. Nonetheless, I have no intention to flatter or put down the author because the book’s content and how it has affected me, being the reader, is what would matter most.


As much as I wanted to explain every section and sub-section of the book, I think I would rather not but just let you learn from it by yourself. Every book has its personal effect to its reader and as for me, heart detoxification process is both easy and not. What made the key points too easy is that, the principles that the author was pointing out were simple, practical and realities that people often neglect to see because of mishandled emotions. Heart detoxification does not come with too much of a price. On the other hand, the difficult part of the process relies on how a person could have the will to go through the right process to finally let the heart beat the way it has to.

The Reflection

I was a struggling human being before I read the book. I struggled in a way that I came from a tremendous heartbreak, which lead to series of heartaches that manifested unwanted things like, I wasn’t seeing my worth, I was feeling empty, struggling and sickly, lost, sad, uncertain about a good future, etc. But the good Lord had His way of sending help. In fact, there were bunch of help that came my way, and this book is one of those. And since it helped me a lot, guess where the book is right now? I did not keep it. I handed it over to someone whom I think needs that kind of good read.


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