My 365 in 2018 3 of 12

MARCH marks the month of the year where the twists and turns in my life will surely get more twisted and more turned. I ended last month with questions in my mind that needs truthful answers from the heart. I am hoping that this month, I could learn to be truly honest with myself, no matter what it takes. #answers #confusionswenton #finalgoodbye #lostbutfound

DAY 60 – SPOILED: I am the best one in spoiling the people I love. This first day of the month, I brought my parents and my niece and nephew for a stroll. Of course, this day will not pass without her, having herself a toy to bring back home.


DAY 61 – HECTIC: I am sure I was able to tick a long checklist today that I forgot to eat my lunch. This is why an instant noodle can be found on my desk alongside all other workloads to finish. Later that day, I attended the prayer meeting at the church and it was as it was, relieving.


DAY 62 – CROWN: I know I am no princess but my niece made me wear this, along with my office shoes (with one inch heel-height), which she calls as the “glass slippers”. Now that tells us that I was playing as Cinderella here. For the record, today lasted without an internet connection after I paid the bill late. Everyone at home kept on asking me why. I just can’t figure out the answer. By now, it’s already back.


DAY 63 – SALT: I consumed ready-to-eat and processed foods today, perhaps because it’s my pre-menstruation season when I do not limit myself in eating any food or perhaps I was just spoiling an aunt who had just finished her surgery.


DAY 64 – ROUGH: No, these were not painful cuts but I applied the healing oil on it because these two fingers often have rough surfaces when exposed to dusty and old folders and papers at the office. This is probably part of a Record Custodian’s burden, huh!


DAY 65 – SEWING: We’ve done some data gathering today for a sewing activity in a private company.


DAY 66 – ELSA: This girl never lets boredom rule because she can play ala-fairy tale character, with or without a playmate.

DAY 67 – CREAMY: Crimson will soon be turning one year old and he’s getting more adorable each day.


DAY 68 – DATA: Now it’s time to process those data from the time and motion study. I needed to dig into the recorded videos to get the most accurate result.


DAY 69 – FACADE: It’s Saturday and as far as I can recall, I was having fever since last night, while I was out from home.


DAY 70 – PLAYTIME: I’m glad I felt better by the time baby Gab’s birthday celebration was happening. It was an afternoon of fun for the entire kids and kids at heart.

DAY 71- POOL: The pool party went pretty well today as the kids enjoyed Crimson’s first birthday celebration.


DAY 72 – CHIN: I lose some weight then gained some but this double chin never leaves my body. Hahaha…


DAY 73 – ANGLES: I just feel like taking a set of photos of my face in many angles so that I can see how I look like in different P.O.V. Just that simple.


DAY 74 – AAH!: Meg’s baby is just so lovely and responsive and somehow playful just like her. I’m glad she paid a visit to her mom (my boss) and we had this fun time with the baby.


DAY 75 – NOODLES: It’s been a while since I haven’t cook dinner for the family. This one’s easy and cheap but one of our favorites. By the way, we had it at 9p.m.


DAY 76 – CLOSET: I have a very small closet/cabinet and this time, I am rearranging stuff to optimize the space. But actually, boredom struck me at this time knowing that I spent the entire day just watching a series, eating, playing phone games and repeat.


DAY 77 – CHUBBY: “Striking here while the iron is hot”. By this, I meant, I was eating as much as I can while my appetite was still up. The long weekend allowed me to do it. This photo was another time of a sumptuous dinner with my parents and my aunt.

DAY 78 – NEIGHBORS: These two kiddos really looked so adorable while they were waiting for the two other kids in the neighborhood to show up. One day, they will make a cool set of “barkada” like what we (with my brother) had when we were younger.

DAY 79 – BRAIDS: Greyson saw me braiding my hair since I want to keep it tidy. Then that’s when her imagination flared up again and called me “Ana” while asking me to braid her hair, too, as she wanted to be the “Elsa” of the Disney movie “Frozen”.

DAY 80 – BAPTISM: I was hesitant to attend tonight’s prayer meeting after I realized that it’s being attended by most of the participants from the Prayer Summit . However, I went on as planned and that moment became extra special as I witnessed this baptismal ceremony happening that night. I got emotional as I remembered how I also went emotional during my water baptism. I must admit that it wasn’t too clear to me years ago on why I had to do it but thank God for letting me reach this point in my life when nothing else matters but honoring Him. Doing His will is scary (overwhelming) and always had me trembling. But knowing that He is God, keeps me calm and quiet. Amen to that!

DAY 81- J.I.T. (Just-in-Time): I found this from inside a used brown envelope while preparing some stuff for tomorrow’s training. That’s when I realized that it’s for the payment I made in behalf of the other region’s request. Indeed, this money came just in time when I was about to run out of some. This was the second time that something like this happened. The last time was three years ago. I read about this: What happens once, happened only once but what happens twice might happen the third time. Thus, I’d be looking forward to that possibility.


DAY 82- GREEN: I was quite not sure if I already featured something like this months ago but one thing I was certain, I had satisfaction over this green tea sweetness tonight. I hope this will not turn me into a “greeny” envious person (just like Zelena of “Once Upon A Time”). But seriously, I am struggling with this kind of challenge now, being envious.


DAY 83 – MACARONI: Mama and I had a pretty good time together when we did this baked macaroni out from impulse thoughts. I actually initiated the entire thing and with that, we were able to make three trays of it without any order in line. So how are we going to dispense these? Share!


DAY 84 – DOOR: Quoting my papa, he said, “After 25 years, there’s this ideal door at last!” Since our neighbor’s new business is on aluminum doors, papa made some kind of negotiation and this appeared in our house. Fraction of my budget was cut off because of this, though.


DAY 85 – BOOK: Before I attended a friend’s birthday dinner, I was looking for a book to give her as a gift and I bought one for myself, too. This one seems timely and since it’s author is a popular one, I prefer to cover the book with a gift wrapper so as not to leave any impression (good or bad) to the people who could see me reading this in public. Incognito mode on.PhotoGrid_1522078299368.jpg

DAY 86 – HIGHLAND: It’s travel time again with my relatives. Up in the highland of the boundary of Bukidnon and Davao City we went. It was a simple getaway but fun.


DAY 87 – MY MAMA: While on a staycation, the kids can’t help singing the “Love Story” song by Taylor Swift over and over again. On this round, my mama gave out an impressive dance move. I can say that her claims about being a dancer has a high probability of being true.

DAY 88 – FAMILIAR STRANGER: Before I wrapped up to bed, a familiar name popped up  in my Messenger and this old friend (by face) suddenly opened up his thoughts (mostly judgments) about my girlfriends, the church and life in general. The entire conversation really went awkward but nonetheless, I hope this gave this person a peace of mind by the end of the day.


DAY 89 – MOVIES: It’s been a while since I haven’t browsed on this site to look for interesting movies to download (illegally). I did not do some quality checking but I was hopeful that my downloads will be successful.


DAY 90 – LUNCH: I Spent the day with my AMAT friends and the lunch went well, like we were all realizing how we are aging, growing, adulting and that we are not getting any younger. Haha…



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