My 365 in 2018 2 of 12

FEBRUARY, as how the world defines it, is a month of LOVE. This 2018, it will be the beginning of my journey to quietness and trust with the Lord. #faithfulGod #Hiswillbedone #rest #healing #questions #confusions

DAY 32 – REST: I got this photo from my gallery and this was taken by my niece Greyson. This time, she did it just right and this photo has reminded me of what I need for the days to come: SLEEP, enough of it. I had a glimpse of my palm this morning and it looked so pale, which means that I probably have a low hemoglobin level. One cause of which could be that lack of sleep.



DAY 33 – RESULT: Of course, this is confidential, as how the Heading tells it so, but I just want to share how my day went with this result. First, I realized how I have been living an average life because of this all-average result. Secondly, I had a little bit of confusion on how to take the concluding statements of the result. And lastly, I am leaving the results of this result all up to Jesus.




DAY 34 – RED: This afternoon, I traveled all the way from north to the south to attend a momentous event. It’s a “blessing” day for Cutie’s business place. That explains why they were wearing red.  I had a long chat with this couple and may the good Lord prosper this business. For the record, later that night, I watched another movie in the cinema.



DAY 35 – DOMWORKS: Learning from the lives of the workers that we often ignore is essential to one’s maturity. As the agency assisted the domestic workers (DOMWORKS) of the region in celebrating their day, I appreciated the life that these people are treading. My salute to the hardworking, dedicated and honest Kasambahays out there.



DAY 36 – BROTHER: I took an unplanned leave today since I cannot stand to miss this special moment with my family as we celebrated my brother’s 34th natal day at the beach. The jellyfish stung me bad but nonetheless, I had fun. Behind all these photos were those moments of meaningful chitchats with family and relatives where we learned to truly relate from each others’ burdens.


DAY 37 – OVERSLEEPING: February is indeed a month of rest for me. When illness struck yesterday, I found my entire body in pain, especially my tonsils. My head was so painful, I’ve been having chills since last night until this afternoon. My boss told me that I must have been dehydrated so I took plenty of water. Thank God for the long sleep today and which resulted into these overslept eyes.


DAY 38 – HERBAL: I went back to work today, in the afternoon. I thank God for the renewed strength and for the wisdom of our supervisor, who helped me purchase this medicine. She said that I must take 6 tablets every after meal until I will feel better. May the good Lord grant me mercy and continuous healing.


DAY 39 – THE KEY: There were many ways that God talked to me through people He sent my way. The most audible of them all is through the lips of friends who sincerely cares. Tonight, I had a long chat with this lady. That’s the moment when the Lord has spoken to me that I have the key to free me from the bond of the past. It’s just that, I am stubborn enough for not using it, soon. Nonetheless, it’s only by His grace that I can surpass these all.


DAY 40 – New Set: Though these article jobs were assigned to me by the same client, the contents requirements changed into something like a “definition of terms” task while marketing the their services at the same time. At the first try, I thought it was easy but when the list went longer from one reference site to another, I found it tedious and it made me of asking for a higher pay. If I will, I will run the risk of losing this account.


DAY 41 – BANANAS AND BACON: These foods were kinda the healthy ones that I took in for the day. As written, that brown thing was a tuna in strips. It appeared weird there in the photo but it tasted great. The green banana was a bit hard to chew so I only finished one piece while the yellow banana with powdered milk was nostalgic as it reminded me of my favorite childhood snack. My older cousins and I ate frozen versions of this and it’s heavenly!


DAY 42 – HEARTS SUNDAY: I attended church with my parents today and this became the highlight of the day. Let’s just enjoy watching this. 🙂

DAY 43 – BRITTLE: This peanut brittle eaten in the middle of the Monday meeting was indeed an icebreaker. This came all the way from Baguio City.


DAY 44 – CHILLIS! : This “Kwek-Kwek” (Boiled egg, covered with thin, orange dough) while paired up with that seaweed and sliced cucumber made me full for the afternoon, except that those chillis made the eating process more challenging.


DAY 45 – BIRTH CERTS: I was supposed to order authenticated copies of my aunt and mom’s birth certificates today but my mood went down so bad after learning the inconsistencies on the information that I had on hand about their basic identity information. Better luck next time.



DAY 46 – KR + KC: Brothers Kalel Cloud (KC) and the newborn Kyle Rain (KR) paid a visit at the office today. I hope Kaleli will enjoy the gift I gave him while I was wishing that Kyle was able to have a comfortable time in my arms. He really looked like a shrunk version of the eldest, Kirck John a.k.a. KJ.

DAY 47 – CHINESE DRAGONS: My niece and nephew surely had fun time at the playhouse today. This video can tell us how and why. Later on this day, we had a little bit trouble managing the tantrums of Greyson as she demanded for a PhP 2000 worth of toy to be bought for her. I was ready to purchase a toy for her but not that expensive. Well, since it’s Chinese New Year, a dragon dance nearby caught her attention but she got scared of them so she asked all of us to hurriedly go home. And that’s what we call, Saved by the Dragons. Haha…

DAY 48 – DENTIST: That moment when there were twice or thrice more patients than the doctors. I was queuing for a dental update and I was hoping that it was worth the wait. I was expecting for a tooth extraction today but I thought of just having it on another day. It will be pink rubber for the month.


DAY 49 – FLESH: There were so much that I wanted to do on this day but I only ended up staying at home and feeling lazy on a Sunday.


DAY 50 – SOFT: Last Saturday’s visit at the dentist was a bit successful except that the brace adjustment must be done in a different way. The continuous band that was attached to my upper teeth braces was causing teeth sensitivity. Thus, I need to eat soft foods. No pain, no gain.


DAY 51 – MIRROR: In front of the mirror is where I always see myself as I am, inside and out. And those eyes, they were from a confused person’s eyes.


DAY 52 – EARS: While I am becoming hooked with the “Once Upon a Time” series, this little kiddo happened to be interested in what I was watching. Unfortunately, the series appeared to be so twisted from her version of common fairy tales so this explains why in this photo, the little girl became brightened and would not want to watch or listen to the series. She fell asleep behind me, covering her ears while I was watching the movie.



DAY 53 – BARRED: This message probably stirred up quite a number of complaints from people who found convenience between PayPal and GCash usage. We all hope that everything will get back to normal soon.


DAY 54 – EYES: “Those eyes cannot lie though her tongue did. Those eyes saw the truth and her inner self was waiting for her to accept such truth in the most GRACEful way. Those eyes acknowledged the fact that this memory will stay for a lifetime. Those eyes…”

Let this day be a mystery.20180224_214946.jpg

DAY 55 – RECOVERED: I finally found a precious piece of an old stuff. This “Watermelon Frost” that I bought years ago might no longer be available in town until further notice. Thank God I found one.


DAY 56 – GADGETS: As young as three years old (or maybe younger), kids today can easily have access to gadgets and knowledge on what the technology can do. As this forms part of the evolution and revolution, a greater challenge awaits to the parents of this generation. While I was doing my weekly #Coursera class, this girl was also doing her daily #YouTube session.


DAY 57 – SISTERS: It is through thick and thin that my mom and her sisters always have each other. I witnessed how the five of them were sticking through each other in distressing moments like this, being ill. On the other hand, I realized how I kinda had a hard time processing for their Birth Certificates because of how the details of their identities got jumbled up and perhaps on how disorganized the recordings were, decades ago.


DAY 58 – WORKERS: For some reason, I just find it necessary to read on the entirety of this thing since I haven’t done it yet (I only read part of the booklet, as necessary) after being in the government service for three years. Yes, it’s already been three years.20180227_214124.jpg


DAY 59 – TORN : At the start of the work-hour, I had a little bit of confusion and challenge as I was torn between doing something right and some that is less right. In fact, I was not able to determine which is which. But in the midst of it all, things boiled down to me, asking myself: “When will I ever learn to be rude and selfish just to spare myself from lots of responsibilities?” This is, perhaps, a thought that I must keep on asking myself from this moment on. So, that’s how I concluded this month then!



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