My 365 in 2018 1 of 12

365 days ago, I started drafting this post where I take one photo or media each day and say something about how my day went on with it. I know that this will be worth reading on the eve of January 1st, 2019. 52 weeks, 12 months and endless uncertainties, shocks and surprises surely await!

JANUARY is the first of the 12 and these were the things that transpired… #newyear #January #surprising #challenging.


DAY 1 – THE DRIVE: Driving an automatic car for the first time in a 7.5 km distance with papa as my guide/teacher and mama as my passenger was a milestone

DAY 2 – SIARGAO: I has that funny moment when I watched a movie alone as part of my kind of “moving on” steps but the nickname of the “bida” (protagonist) was the same as my ex’s. Haha… You’re such a joker, God!

DAY 3 – LEARN: Whether it is for one’s own spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical growth, there is always more room for learning. This day was the day one of my online class in Coursera, where I passed for a free learning session.

DAY 4 – JUSTICE DEFINED: Just reading this made me hear God’s answer to my inquiries through prayers.

DAY 5 – PLANNER: It’s still the first five days of the year yet the list of things to do was already getting long!


DAY 6 – JUICING: It’s my first juicing session for this year and I was hoping to keep doing this  every day, so, help me, God. The taste wasn’t quite good though.


DAY 7 – UNKNOWN: Not all days are good but good things still do happen. As for me, I was in deep confusion on this day and I wished I could only blame it to that thong called “hormonal imbalance”.

DAY 8 -EARLY BIRD: The daily time record card was getting better. No tardiness, so far! (When I edited this blog on Jan 12, I remembered that I committed a 2-minute late on the day. Goodbye, PhP500!)

DAY 9- CAR: Something like this will become another item to add in the “Dream List”. My cousins told me that this can’t be mine but thanks to them for lending me their hot wheels so I could practice how to drive (at least for an automatic one).

DAY 10 – OPPORTUNITY: I kept on hoping that job offers like this will keep coming. I just needed to earn more to pay for my debts, which 30% was enjoyed by me and the other 70% was enjoyed by other people who I lent my name to. Well, I still got to pay for yesteryears’ mistakes.

DAY 11- GREY: I told her that my phone was screen-locked but she still found a way to use the camera through the shortcut at the lock screen. And there she is!😂😂

DAY 12 – SOLO: Sometimes, going solo makes me feel lonely although ideally, moments like this should turn out into a state of solitude and reflection (with foods, more ideally!).

DAY 13 – LAYOUT: This was taken around 6:15 in the evening of Saturday. I usually stay at home on Saturdays and today, I spent most of my time chatting with my parents about how this house will undergo a re-layout. We made great plans, lots of choices but the thing was, these won’t work without “cen” (money in Chavacano dialect). But the year is still young so let’s see what will happen in the coming months.

Photo (14)

DAY 14 – PAIN: It is almost every month when I get to feel this abdominal pain due to menstruation but what also comes along with it is that state of melancholy. I am still pressing on with this state while pressing on some hot compress to ease the pain away.

DAY 15 – NCCC: I passed by this place today and had a heartfelt sadness realizing that my previous workplace, my once family, had gone through such an unfortunate fate before 2017 ended. (sigh)

DAY 16 – SEMINAR: I know many seminars like this one await ahead of me for this year. My anticipation of some developments in my career in government service is surely a positive thought to keep in mind. May God sustain me all throughout the mind-boggling and body draining processes.


DAY 17 – GLASS: In the middle of the training session, this scene had me wondering if whether I was really in a seminar or in a bar/tavern except that all the lights are on and there are decent people around. Well, that’s for today’s random humor (I hope you got me right).

DAY 18 – SEHRA: No, that weren’t Daniel Padilla and Susan Roces standing beside me! I look a bit messed up in here and I realized this just now. Anyway, I finally finished the 4-day seminar and yes, there’s so much to learn and perform in the interest of public service.

DAY 19 – SKYPEing: I went at the DOLE Regional Office this afternoon to undergo an interview for my application for LEO I for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. I, along with the people who supports me on this, prayed for God’s leading on me toward this but ultimately, God’s will be done.

DAY 20 – KIDDOS: The only thing I realized today was how essential one’s family is in coping up with life’s challenges. May these kids find a strong foundation in this family, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


DAY 21 – KIDDOS OVERLOAD: I attended baby Gab’s “dedication” today and met loads of cutie patooties in the family. I MUST ADMIT, I had been wishing to be married and had spent time with kids of my own. Nonetheless, thanks for the parents who lent me theirs in times like this!

DAY 22 – SURFING: This girl had grown up too fast, smarter yet a bit more stubborn as well. I just thank God for playtime sessions like this and I hope to be playing more with her and her brother in the years to come.

DAY 23 – CURLS: Yes, the curls were back, naturally! I swear, I miss dealing with this “buhaghag” hair because I still love them even when it gets too annoying at times and even when I look really ugly with it. Nonetheless, I love the fact that I can tie them up anytime.


DAY 24 – CASH AND CHECK: I am starting to enjoy the convenience of having G-Cash in my pocket while I was catching up today’s’ due for a post-dated check. Thanks to my friend, Tin, who is ever-willing to lend a hand and my sister-in-law, who I discovered has a pretty huge 5-digit salary take-out (hahahaha…). More blessings to all of you!


DAY 25 – STRESS AWAY: I realized that I had been wearing the same shirt and pajamas for four days today but they still didn’t smell awful. Anyway, a short playtime with this kiddo helped me get rid of some stress after tonight’s overtime work at the office. Thank God for children who teach us the benefits of being carefree sometimes.

DAY 26 – PIGGING OUT: Being surrounded by these women may mean chaos at times but we always find harmony together when it comes to food. Last night’s OT deserves a “pigging out” session like this. Thank God for another shot of bonus!


DAY 27 – BOOMERANG : I surely loved how this cutie patootie projected herself as the Boomerang app became one of our favorites! We did this at home but we already had collections of Boomerang shots while we were at the mall earlier that day.


DAY 28 – MASSAGE : I was enjoying the perks of having a massage therapist cousin while we were the middle of my auntie’s birthday celebration. Goodbye, panuhots (bad gas in the body? Not sure with its English equivalent)!



DAY 29 – REVIVAL: I ordered these stuffs from a friend who’s been working at the NCCC Mall and luckily, she was able to retrieve these items after the fire incident. It looked all so melted and so, I reprocessed them like a pro chemist and here are the results!


(Top: Finished product, Bottom: Melted)

DAY 30 – WHOAH! : I received this in my Yahoomail inbox this afternoon. I must admit that this had my heart skipping for an hour or two. There were too many interpretations and assumptions about it but nonetheless, I lift it all up to God.


DAY 31 – SANITY: So this was how I started the last day of the month. I went to a Neuro-Psychiatric Testing Center and Medical Clinic to comply with the requirements in relation to my story the other day. I had fun answering the questions but I felt a bit tensed because of how the result may appear, which we will all find out on the 2nd day of February.

















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