To the Man God has Prepared for Me

Hi there!

I was looking at the night sky awhile ago and saw the moon in its irregular shape.

Then thoughts of you crossed my mind and started telling you these, from a distance:

“Are you looking at the same sky right now? If you are, are you also thinking about me? I messed up in the past. I gave so much of myself to that person in the past and I am sorry that it might take a while before our paths are going to cross. I pray that our good Lord will preserve you all throughout this waiting period. In time, I believe, He will lead us into one path and we can hear Him say, ‘Here is the person I prepared for you.’ Oh that is such a sweet phrase from our Creator, isn’t it? For now, give me time to heal myself, let me regain what I have lost before and sadly, that includes my relationship with our Lord. You see? I told you I messed up a lot but I hope that you could still embrace me wholly, both my past, my present and the future that I will be making with you. I am hoping that you would be able to embrace my ambitions, my shortcomings, my weaknesses and simply, a family with me. I and our Lord Jesus still has a relationship to mend and to nurture and I hope by this time, you are also in good dealings and business with Him. He’s great to be with, isn’t He? He’s thrilling and fun and very loving. There’s never a dull moment with Him, we’d only forget that we’re waiting. I am excited to hear how you’ve been taking the adventure with Him right now but it’s not yet for me to know because the Lord and I also have our dealings, our time, our moments and that’s where I should put my focus on. Just wait for me, my man. I still have wounds needing to be healed but rest assured that the process is in good progress. I still have responsibilities to undertake, goals to complete and preparations to do, so that by the time I will see you, I am already whole, whole again, whole with the Lord, whole for you. And so, while you are also waiting out there, take time to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, be the man that He wants you to be, the man that I would love you to be, pray unceasingly, trust His timing, His perfect timing, draw near Him as I draw near Him as well. Then that’s where we’ll meet.”


The woman, God has prepared for you. 🙂



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