A Familiar Place Could Mend A Broken Heart

People with broken hearts often avoid the places, the incidents or the activities where they could remember the person who broke them. I agree on the fact that it takes time to heal but sometimes, you need to feel all the pain in order for you to finally let go of it.

This morning, I was able to sit in a spot where I had a pretty good memory with my ex-boyfriend and it felt so great to be able to make a new memory in that place, with just myself. But I know I was not there alone. I know He was there with me all along. Almost a year ago, I could only see that there were just two of us but there were actually three. He was there before and He was still sitting with me there this morning. He’s the One who never left, who never let go and who will always be with me for eternity. I know I got the courage to be in that place because it will be a special meeting with Him. All that was left for me to do while sitting on that same spot was to enjoy the moment of being alone with Him. He’s just there, watching me and whispering to me His words, saying, “I’m glad you made it here today with me. Let’s do this more often.”

And from there, I am no longer afraid to be in those familiar places. Memories may still linger but those are already things in the past, worthy to be overwritten by new memories with the One who never leaves, with the One who keeps His promises, with the real Lover of my soul.



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