Loneliness With a Smile

LONELINESS with a smile is where I am right now. I have had enough of my regrets and now is not the time to remember them. Instead, now is the time to bury them and just let it all gone.

Loneliness with a smile is where Jesus has found me. I certainly do not know what tomorrow could bring but every time I will open my eyes from tomorrow until I live, gratitude would be in my thoughts for the chapter that has been closed and for the new ones that will be unveiled.

Loneliness, as long as it still choose to stay, will come with a smile, knowing that Jesus will be there to see me through all of those cold and lonely days. As long as loneliness stays, I will cherish it for it is through this moment where I see my weakest self, clinging to the strongest and Almighty; for it is through this moment of loneliness where I will realize that something better will come my way; for it is through this loneliness that I can bear to smile only by His grace; for it is through this loneliness that I can have peace in my heart.

A day will come where loneliness and joy will meet, shake hands then both melt away. Oh that sweetest day when neither joy nor loneliness will exist but only His true love that does not cling to any feeling but hold steadfastly to a mere fact that only such love is truly EVERLASTING.



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