Here is another spur of the moment write-up from your anjelmynd. At exactly this time, 5:39pm of February 23, 2016, I am sitting in the desk of the mister at the office with his superior. I am in an awkward situation right now that requires me to write this article. So what would we expect from here? Well, nothing but my thoughts about me, how I feel right now, all about this place and about what good can we all get from here. If you are in the same situation as I do, you would probably want the ground to open and swallow you up because this is really so awkward. I don’t exactly know as to how long will I be here but I hope it will not take an hour or not even half an hour please. And oh, did I hear it right? My awkward situation will end by 6pm so that’s a hooray for now. (grinning)

So what should we learn from here? If you will soon be in a situation like mine now, just do the mind-over-matter management of your thoughts, emotions and actions. First, you can think of the good and bad things that are happening around you and yes, leave it to yourself, at least, those bad ones. This is why I won’t be writing here any of the bad observations I have in mind but will surely share it to the mister who owns this desk. So as I let my thoughts play around, the next thing I am going to do (but I’ve actually been doing since the last 15 minutes) is to act busy. This is basically the reason why I get to compose this article, right? I will make myself look busy for another 10 to 20 minutes unless a companion in here will start talking to me or until an attention-grabbing situation will arise. But just now, I realized that there is another dilemma that I might meet along the way later on, if I won’t be able to break the ice during this waiting period. How will I ever gracefully make an exit when I want to? Because it seems as if I do not exist in here, until another sanguine will come in and talk to me. So does this mean I am going to start a conversation right now? Naaah! Never mind. I will just go on with this spur-of-the-moment writing act and entertain myself later, tomorrow or anytime I want when I get to read this article again. Everyone in here might think that I am a quiet person but they just don’t know how loud I am becoming right now. So loud that all of you can notice, except these people.

It’s 5:57pm (laptop time) and here comes the owner of the desk, talked to me for a while, I looked at him from near and from afar and I realized that I am going to miss this man in the next 5 days. Missing him is the reason why I am keeping up with this awkward situation. And because I love him enough, I know I can get through this circumstance with happiness and contentment. I no longer need to worry about having a graceful exit because I will do it with him. So right now, I am just listening to the ticktock of the clock and happily look forward to the moment when I can hear it fading through as the voice of the mister who owns this desk will totally get my attention.

Photo (1)
a specimen of the mister’s desk

Now here is another interesting artifact. I found a specimen of the mister’s desk. What on earth do these play cards doing here? Well, we’re both fans of Big Hero but surely that ain’t reason for him to keep these kind of stuff. Well, another brilliant idea that I have is perhaps, these cards were once owned by his stubborn students and now an embargo kept inside his drawer. So how will I prove that my idea is indeed brilliant? That’s already his call. We will all know soon after he will get to read this through.

So it’s 6:21 now, I’m all alone in the office and I guess it’s time to wrap this up because this is already getting lengthy and dragging. I will just browse through the internet during the remaining time that I need to wait for the mister who owns this desk.

Sincerely, the mister’s girlfriend (Seriously? So this is a letter in the first place!)