My 365 in 2018 1 of 12

365 days ago, I started drafting this post where I take one photo or media each day and say something about how my day went on with it. I know that this will be worth reading on the eve of January 1st, 2019. 52 weeks, 12 months and endless uncertainties, shocks and surprises surely await!

JANUARY is the first of the 12 and this were the things that transpired… #newyear #january #surprising #challenging.

DAY 31 – SANITY:Ā So this is how I started the last day of the month. I went to a Neuro-Psychiatric Testing Center and Medical Clinic to comply the requirements about what I shared yesterday. I had fun answering but I felt a bit tensed because of how the result may appear. We will all find out on the 2nd day of February.


DAY 30 – WHOAH! : I received this in my Yahoomail inbox this afternoon. I must admit that this had my heart skipping for an hour or two. There are too many interpretations and assumptions about it but nonetheless, I lift it all up to God.


DAY 29 – RETRIEVING: I ordered these stuff from a friend who’s been working at the NCCC Mall and luckily, she was able to retrieve these items after the fire incident. It looked all so melted and so, I reprocessed them like a pro chemist and here’s the result!


DAY 28 – MASSAGE : I was enjoying the perks of having a massage therapist cousin in the middle of my auntie’s birthday celebration in Mandug. Goodbye, panuhots! Hello, pamaol!


DAY 27 – BOOMERANG : I surely love how this cutie patootie projects herself and the Boomerang app is one of our favorites! We did this at home but we already had collections of Boomerang shots while we were at the mall earlier that day.


DAY 26 – PIGGING OUT: Being surrounded by this pretty women may mean chaos at times but we always find harmony together when it comes to food. Last night’s OT deserves a “pigging out” session like this. Thank God for another shot of bonus!

DAY 25 – DISTRESSING: I realized that I have been wearing the same shirt and pajamas for four days now but they still don’t smell. Anyway, a short playtime with this kiddo distressed me from tonight’s overtime work at the office. Thank God for children who teach us the benefits of being carefree sometimes.

DAY 24 – CASH AND CHECK: I am starting to enjoy the convenience of having GCash in my pocket while I was catching up today’s’ due for a post-dated check. Thanks to my friend, Tin, who is ever-willing to lend a hand and my sister-in-law, who I discovered has a 5-digit salary take-out (hahahaha…). More blessings to all of you!

DAY 23 – CURLS: Yes, they are back, naturally! I swear, I miss dealing with this “buhaghag” hair because I still love them even when it gets too annoying at times and even when I look really ugly (uglier?) with it. Nonetheless, I love the fact that I can tie them up anytime.

DAY 22 – SURFING: This girl is growing up too fast, smarter yet a bit more stubborn as well. I just thank God for playtime like this and I hope to be playing more with her and her brother in the years to come.

DAY 21 – KIDDOS OVERLOAD: Attended baby Gab’s dedication today and met loads of patooties in the family. I MUST ADMIT, I am wishing to be married and have spent time with my own kids by now. Nonetheless, thanks for the parents who lend me theirs in times like this!

DAY 20 – KIDDOS: The only thing I realized today is how essential one’s family is in coping up with life’s challenges. May these kids find a strong foundation in this family, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

DAY 19 – SKYPEing: I went to DOLE Regional Office this afternoon to undergo an interview for my application for LEO I for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. I, along with the people who supports me on this prayed for this but ultimately, God’s will be done.

DAY18 – SEHRA: No, that weren’t Daniel Padilla and Susan Roces standing beside me! I look messed up in here, I realized this too late now. Anyway, finally finished the 4-day seminar and yes, so much to learn and execute and perform for public service.

DAY 17 – GLASS: This had me wondering if whether I am really in a seminar or in a bar with all the lights on and decent people around. Well, that’s for today’s random humor.

DAY 16 – SEMINAR: I know many seminars like this one await ahead of me this year. Anticipating developments in my career is surely a positive thought to keep and may God will sustain me all throughout the mind-boggling and body draining processes.


DAY 15 – NCCC: Passed by this place today and had a heartfelt sadness realizing that my previous workplace, my once family, had gone through such an unfortunate fate before 2017 ended. (sigh)

DAY 14 – PAIN : It is almost every month when I get to feel this abdominal pain due to menstruation but what also comes along with it is that state of melancholy. Pressing on, pressing on some hot compress to ease the pain away.

DAY 13 – LAYOUT: Taken around 6:15 in the evening of Saturday. I usually stay at home on Saturdays and today, I spent most of my time chatting with my parents about how this house will undergo a re-layout. We have great plans, lots of choices but the thing is, these won’t work without “cen” (money in tsabakano). But the year is still young so let’s see what will happen in the coming months.

Photo (14)

DAY 12 – SOLO: Sometimes, going solo makes me feel lonely though ideally, moments like this should be turned into a state of solitude.

DAY 11- GREY: I told her that my phone was screenlocked but she still found a way to use the camera through the shortcut at the lock screen. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

DAY 10 – OPPORTUNITY: I am hoping that job offers like this will keep on coming. I just need to earn more to pay for 30% of my debts and 70% other peoples’ bills that are under my name. Well, got to pay on yesteryears’ mistakes.

DAY 9- CAR: Something like this is another item to add in the dreamlist. My cousin told me that you can’t be mine but thanks for lending me your hot wheels for me to learn how to drive.

DAY 8 -EARLY BIRD: The daily time record card is getting better. (When I edited this blog on Jan 12, I remembered that I committed a 2-minute late for the day. Goodbye, PhP500!)

DAY 7 – UNKNOWN: Not all days are good but good things still do happen. As for me, I am in deep confusion now and I wish we could only blame it on the hormonal imbalance.

DAY 6 – JUICING: It’s my first juicing for this year and I hope to keep it up every day, so, help me God. The taste isn’t quite good though.

DAY 5 – PLANNER: It’s still the first five days of the year and the list is already getting long!

2018 planner

DAY 4 – JUSTICE DEFINED: Just reading this made me hear God’s answer to my prayer.

DAY 3 – LEARN: Whether it is for one’s own spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical growth, there is always a room for improvement.

DAY 2 – SIARGAO: That moment when you watched a movie alone to make it a part of your some kinda “moving on” moment but the name of the “bida” is the same as your ex’s. Haha… You’re such a joker, God!

DAY 1 – THE DRIVE: Driving an automatic car for the first time in a 7.5 km distance with papa as my guide/teacher and mama as my passenger.


Simple Crossroads

When you are caught up with life’s various options, you need to halt and think of what could best be done first, right here, right now. Every day, there are simple crossroads to take. Whichever direction where you decide to go, make sure that you are geared with all the needed tools to keep running and finish that phase. However, there will be times that all points in a crossroad will bring you to just half of the journey because you lack the resources to move further. If that happens, make a choice anyway and just go back to the starting point if you think it is necessary.

Just a random thought here… āœŒ

Generous New Year

The tail of 2017 was seemingly tragic to many fellows in the Philippines. As I was counting the blessings that I received all throughout the year, I was hoping that others who were this year’s victims of various tragedies would still be able to count theirs. The war in Marawi, the storm, landslide and flood in Visayas and Mindanao and the fire incidents that engulfed a big mall in town and a number of barrios in the city has left survivors, families and friends mourning for the lost of their loved ones and seeking for whatever help that the community could offer.

As Christmas is the season of giving, it is also a season of being thankful for the grace that we receive each and every day. There is no way that we should be thankful for being fortunate while others are not. Instead, we could only be thankful for every opportunity that we could come to the Lord and seek His will for us. Even the act of giving is one thing that we must seek permission from God. As we start the year with a cheerful heart, let our hands be open to offer help as we give to our fellows out of love and the desire to help. May we’d be able to give not out of guilt but be lead by the Lord to offer help. May we’d be able to give without prejudice to the purpose and beneficiaries of the help. May we’d be able to give more without leaving ourselves empty. May we’d be able to give, not because we desire to receive in return.

Have a generous 2018 ahead!


To the Man God has Prepared for Me

Hi there!

I was looking at the night sky awhile ago and saw the moon in its irregular shape.

Then thoughts of you crossed my mind and started telling you these, from a distance:

“Are you looking at the same sky right now? If you are, are you also thinking about me? I messed up in the past. I gave so much of myself to that person in the past and I am sorry that it might take a while before our paths are going to cross. I pray that our good Lord will preserve you all throughout this waiting period. In time, I believe, He will lead us into one path and we can hear Him say, ‘Here is the person I prepared for you.’ Oh that was such a sweet phrase from our Creator, isn’t it? For now, give me time to heal myself, let me regain what I have lost before and sadly, that includes my relationship with our Lord. You see? I told you I messed up a lot but I hope that you could still embrace me wholly, both my past, my present and the future that I will be making with you. I am hoping that you would be able to embrace my ambitions, my shortcomings, my weaknesses and simply, a family with me. I and our Lord Jesus still has a relationship to mend and to nurture and I hope by this time, you are also in good dealings and business with Him. He’s great to be with, isn’t He? He’s thrilling and fun and very loving. There’s never a dull moment with Him, we’d only forget that we’re waiting. I am excited to hear how you’ve been taking the adventure with Him right now but it’s not yet for me to know because the Lord and I also have our dealings, our time, our moments and that’s where I should put my focus on. Just wait for me, my man. I still have wounds needing to be healed but rest assured that the process is in good progress. I still have responsibilities to undertake, goals to complete and preparations to do, so that by the time I will see you, I am already whole, whole again, whole with the Lord, whole for you. And so, while you are also waiting out there, take time to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, be the man that He wants you to be, the man that I would love you to be, pray unceasingly, trust His timing, His perfect timing, draw near Him as I draw near Him as well. Then that’s where we’ll meet.”


The woman, God has prepared for you. šŸ™‚


A Familiar Place Could Mend A Broken Heart

People with broken hearts often avoid the places, the incidents or the activities where they could remember the person who broke them. I agree on the fact that it takes time to heal but sometimes, you need to feel all the pain in order for you to finally let go of it.

This morning, I was able to sit in a spot where I had a pretty good memory with my ex-boyfriend and it felt so great to be able to make a new memory in that place, with just myself. But I know I was not there alone. I know He was there with me all along. Almost a year ago, I could only see that there were just two of us but there were actually three. He was there before and He was still sitting with me there this morning. He’s the One who never left, who never let go and who will always be with me for eternity. I know I got the courage to be in that place because it will be a special meeting with Him. All that was left for me to do while sitting on that same spot was to enjoy the moment of being alone with Him. He’s just there, watching me and whispering to me His words, saying, “I’m glad you made it here today with me. Let’s do this more often.”

And from there, I am no longer afraid to be in those familiar places. Memories may still linger but those are already things in the past, worthy to be overwritten by new memories with the One who never leaves, with the One who keeps His promises, with the real Lover of my soul.


Loneliness With a Smile

LONELINESS with a smile is where I am right now. I have had enough of my regrets and now is not the time to remember them. Instead, now is the time to bury them and just let it all gone.

Loneliness with a smile is where Jesus has found me. I certainly do not know what tomorrow could bring but every time I will open my eyes from tomorrow until I live, gratitude would be in my thoughts for the chapter that has been closed and for the new ones that will be unveiled.

Loneliness, as long as it still choose to stay, will come with a smile, knowing that Jesus will be there to see me through all of those cold and lonely days. As long as loneliness stays, I will cherish it for it is through this moment where I see my weakest self, clinging to the strongest and Almighty; for it is through this moment of loneliness where I will realize that something better will come my way; for it is through this loneliness that I can bear to smile only by His grace; for it is through this loneliness that I can have peace in my heart.

A day will come where loneliness and joy will meet, shake hands then both melt away. Oh that sweetest day when neither joy nor loneliness will exist but only His true love that does not cling to any feeling but hold steadfastly to a mere fact that only such love is truly EVERLASTING.


Superficial or Artificial Love

via Daily Prompt: Artificial

Although Halloween is coming up soon, it would not still be too late or too early to talk about love. Love has a very broad definition, too many means of expression and too complicated mechanismsĀ of showing affection.Ā In whatever way a person wishes to manage love, what would matter most is the sincerity that liesĀ in the heart.Ā But let me get a little bit silly this time. If you are to choose between a superficial love and Ā artificial love, whether to give away or to receive from someone else, what would you choose? Of course, any of these two isĀ not possible if you would not allow it to overwhelm you. That’s why I am just throwing this out as a “what if” but I hope, an interesting question to answer. It would be fun to read on your definition of these words, too! Thread on!

Pleasure In Pauses

It’s the firstĀ day of the month and thank God it fell on a FRIDAY. Today is the perfect time to take aĀ pause and you will definitely love the sense of Pleasure from that blank moment. Think nothing else but just the fact that your mind and body need this kind of break right there where you are and right now. In fact, if I may suggest, stop reading this, stop pondering on the things that happened the past days orĀ month and stop planning on what needs to be done for the month of July. Let go of the gadgets just the way you want to let go of the worries and concerns of life. Just be with yourself and enjoy the PleasureĀ in taking this one powerful short moment of being inĀ PAUSE mode.


At the Spur of the Moment

Image courtesy of digitalart at

Yes, this articleĀ is published on the spur of the moment.Ā It’s another lazy Sunday morning and it meansĀ doing those randomly interesting things such as listening to songsĀ of any genre, ironing the clothes whileĀ planning the week ahead or entertaining my bad thoughts about people (yup, I can multi-task this way).


I cannot guarantee that this blog will be a one-themedĀ blog because everything else that will be written here will really be out of the spur of the moment but for one sole purpose, to practiceĀ a skill in writing. šŸ˜€

I think this is all for now. Nothing interesting, right? šŸ™‚

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