Simple Crossroads

When you are caught up with life’s various options, you need to halt and think of what could best be done first, right here, right now. Every day, there are simple crossroads to take. Whichever direction which you decide to go, make sure that you are geared with all the needed tools to finish that phase. Otherwise, you will find yourself starting all over again.

Just a random thought here… ‚úĆ


Generous New Year

The tail of 2017 was seemingly tragic to many fellows in the Philippines. As I was counting the blessings that I received all throughout the year, I was hoping that others who were this year’s victims of various tragedies would still be able to count theirs. The war in Marawi, the storm, landslide and flood in Visayas and Mindanao and the fire incidents that engulfed a big mall in town and a number of barrios in the city had left survivors, families and friends mourning for the lost of their loved ones and seeking for whatever help that the community could offer.

As Christmas is the season of giving, it is also a season of being thankful for the grace that we receive each and every day. There is no way that we should be thankful for being fortunate while others are not. Instead, we could only be thankful for every opportunity that we could come to the Lord and seek His will for us. Even the act of giving is one thing that we must seek permission from God. As we start the year with a cheerful heart, let our hands be open to offer help as we give to our fellows out of love and the desire to help. May we’d be able to give, not out of guilt but be lead by the Lord to offer help. May we’d be able to give without prejudice. May we’d be able to give more without leaving ourselves empty. May we’d be able to give, not because we desire to receive in return.

Have a generous 2018 ahead!


To the Man God has Prepared for Me

Hi there!

I was looking at the night sky awhile ago and saw the moon in its irregular shape.

Then thoughts of you crossed my mind and started telling you these, from a distance:

“Are you looking at the same sky right now? If you are, are you also thinking about me? I messed up in the past. I gave so much of myself to that person in the past and I am sorry that it might take a while before our paths are going to cross. I pray that our good Lord will preserve you all throughout this waiting period. In time, I believe, He will lead us into one path and we can hear Him say, ‘Here is the person I prepared for you.’ Oh that was such a sweet phrase from our Creator, isn’t it? For now, give me time to heal myself, let me regain what I have lost before and sadly, that includes my relationship with our Lord. You see? I told you I messed up a lot but I hope that you could still embrace me wholly, both my past, my present and the future that I will be making with you. I am hoping that you would be able to embrace my ambitions, my shortcomings, my weaknesses and simply, a family with me. I and our Lord Jesus still has a relationship to mend and to nurture and I hope by this time, you are also in good dealings and business with Him. He’s great to be with, isn’t He? He’s thrilling and fun and very loving. There’s never a dull moment with Him, we’d only forget that we’re waiting. I am excited to hear how you’ve been taking the adventure with Him right now but it’s not yet for me to know because the Lord and I also have our dealings, our time, our moments and that’s where I should put my focus on. Just wait for me, my man. I still have wounds needing to be healed but rest assured that the process is in good progress. I still have responsibilities to undertake, goals to complete and preparations to do, so that by the time I will see you, I am already whole, whole again, whole with the Lord, whole for you. And so, while you are also waiting out there, take time to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, be the man that He wants you to be, the man that I would love you to be, pray unceasingly, trust His timing, His perfect timing, draw near Him as I draw near Him as well. Then that’s where we’ll meet.”


The woman, God has prepared for you. ūüôā


A Familiar Place Could Mend A Broken Heart

People with broken hearts often avoid the places, the incidents or the activities where they could remember the person who broke them. I agree on the fact that it takes time to heal but sometimes, you need to feel all the pain in order for you to finally let go of it.

This morning, I was able to sit in a spot where I had a pretty good memory with my ex-boyfriend and it felt so great to be able to make a new memory in that place, with just myself. But I know I was not there alone. I know He was there with me all along. Almost a year ago, I could only see that there were just two of us but there were actually three. He was there before and He was still sitting with me there this morning. He’s the One who never left, who never let go and who will always be with me for eternity. I know I got the courage to be in that place because it will be a special meeting with Him. All that was left for me to do while sitting on that same spot was to enjoy the moment of being alone with Him. He’s just there, watching me and whispering to me His words, saying, “I’m glad you made it here today with me. Let’s do this more often.”

And from there, I am no longer afraid to be in those familiar places. Memories may still linger but those are already things in the past, worthy to be overwritten by new memories with the One who never leaves, with the One who keeps His promises, with the real Lover of my soul.


Loneliness With a Smile

LONELINESS with a smile is where I am right now. I have had enough of my regrets and now is not the time to remember them. Instead, now is the time to bury them and just let it all gone.

Loneliness with a smile is where Jesus has found me. I certainly do not know what tomorrow could bring but every time I will open my eyes from tomorrow until I live, gratitude would be in my thoughts for the chapter that has been closed and for the new ones that will be unveiled.

Loneliness, as long as it still choose to stay, will come with a smile, knowing that Jesus will be there to see me through all of those cold and lonely days. As long as loneliness stays, I will cherish it for it is through this moment where I see my weakest self, clinging to the strongest and Almighty; for it is through this moment of loneliness where I will realize that something better will come my way; for it is through this loneliness that I can bear to smile only by His grace; for it is through this loneliness that I can have peace in my heart.

A day will come when loneliness and joy will meet, shake hands then both melt away. Oh that sweetest day when neither joy nor loneliness will exist but only His true love that does not cling to any feeling but hold steadfastly to a mere fact that only such love is truly EVERLASTING.


Superficial or Artificial Love

via Daily Prompt: Artificial

Although Halloween is coming up soon, it would not still be too late or too early to talk about love. Love has a very broad definition, too many means of expression and too complicated mechanisms¬†of showing affection.¬†In whatever way a person wishes to manage love, what would matter most is the sincerity of the heart.¬†But let me get a little bit silly this time. If you are to choose between a superficial love and ¬†artificial love, whether you give it away or you receive from someone else, what would you choose?¬† Let’s get started with the thread.

Pleasure In Pauses

It’s the first¬†day of the month and thank God it fell on a FRIDAY. Today is the perfect time to take a¬†pause and you will definitely love the sense of Pleasure from that blank moment. Think nothing else but just the fact that your mind and body need this kind of break right there where you are right now. In fact, if I may suggest, stop reading this, stop pondering on the things that happened the past days or¬†month and stop planning on what needs to be done for the month of July (or the month/s ahead). Let go of the gadgets just the way you want to let go of the worries and concerns of life. Just be with yourself and enjoy the Pleasure¬†in taking this one powerful short moment of being in a



At the Spur of the Moment

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Yes, this article¬†is published out of the spur of the moment.¬†It’s another lazy Sunday morning and it means¬†doing those randomly interesting things such as listening to songs¬†of any genre, ironing the clothes while¬†planning the week ahead or entertaining my bad thoughts about people.


I cannot guarantee that this blog will be a one-themed¬†blog because everything else that will be written here will really be out of the spur of the moment but for one sole purpose, to practice¬†a skill in writing. ūüėÄ

I think this is all for now. Nothing interesting, right? ūüôā

Selfless or Selfish?

In love, yourself should be the first. Does this sound selfish to you?¬†Yes it can be but¬†allow me to go on further. In order to effectively show your love to others, you should have enough charge of love within you. I do not mean that you overdo the¬†love for yourself because the love that you have for yourself is meant to be shared to others. Set your priorities as to how you’re¬†going to¬†divide such love. And when you will start to distribute them, be wise with whom you choose to give a portion of your love to. By being wise, you will not just give away your love in vain but expect it to be multiplied. Spread the love!

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