My 365 in 2018 4 of 12

How could this month be an ordinary one when it is the time of the year when God breathed life into me. So here are the highlights of April 2018.

Nature and Nurture

The first Friday of the week was spent on a training that the agency facilitated. Luckily, it was a request from the HR of one of Davao’s finest garden resort. We had a good time exploring nature right after we shared some nurturing thoughts to this business’ workers. I must admit though, I did not feel at my best while speaking in front of the audience.

Business travel on Business Class

Monday, April 9, was a holiday but I had to travel with the boss for a training in Manila for the entire week. We were lucky we had a chance to be at the Business Class by some accidental reason. The perks that came along with the training include those good food and nice treats, courtesy of the boss.

Friends Out There

The weekend that follows the training in Manila was spent with good old friends who adopted me before I went back to Davao. All we had was loads of food (again), lots of laughter, relatively huge amount of walking and catching up.

Hello Kitty!

This one is a solo entry, huh. Well, when I got home, I saw some few paw scratches on my leg. It was Kitty’s! (Mary’s new cat). She’s both nice and not. Nonetheless, she gave me memorable sleeps while staying at Mary’s place.



Tada! 31 is 31 and it’s irreversible. Age is something that no one should deny but just enjoy. I’m 31, I’m single (back again) and I want to say, I love the freedom (IN CHRIST). As much as I want to go sentimental at this time of the year, I want to choose to be just too grateful for another year passed and another to enjoy (and overcome).



Review: Heart Detox by Bo Sanchez

Not so brief Overview:

I am not quite sure if a “book review” could best describe this article but since I realized how helpful it is to instill in a person the habit of reading, I decided to assess my understanding over any book that I have read by writing a blog (review – a book review) about it.

The “Heart Detox” book was not the first book that I have finished reading but this is the first one which will receive a review from me (through online blog). I think it would be best to begin with a thought on how I came across this hundred-paged book. I bought it along with another book that I gave to my friend as a birthday present. While I was browsing the shelves under the “Inspirational” category, this one caught my attention. Perhaps, it’s because I was in need of something to refresh my heart with how to beat the right way. I looked at the price and saw that it wasn’t too pricey. Then, I read on the description of the book at the back portion and finally decided to buy it. (Obviously, that made me the type of shopper who looks at the price first before starting to put my interest on an item.)

It took me quite a while before I actually opened the book to start some good read . I first thought of covering it with a gift wrapper so that when circumstances will allow that I will read it in a public place, I won’t catch anyone’s attention or have them judge me based on the book’s (original) cover. They won’t actually know what kind of book I’m reading. Now, the bottom line is, I read the book and posted my first book review.


The Review:

The “Heart Detox” is a short book, straight-forward and contains relevant illustrations about the matters that the author would like to point out. Because it’s not a thick book, there wasn’t a single page that I could consider as a dull one. The list that I found on its table of contents gave me an impression that this book is easy to read and indeed, it is. Honestly, Bo Sanchez can be “corny” sometimes whenever he throws out a point to laugh about in the book. I hope that this will not offend him but I think, in all fairness, his jokes  and punchlines might sell-out when I will hear them from him than read them from the book. Nonetheless, I have no intention to flatter or put down the author because the book’s content and how it has affected me, being the reader, is what would matter most.


As much as I wanted to explain every section and sub-section of the book, I think I would rather not but just let you learn from it by yourself. Every book has its personal effect to its reader and as for me, heart detoxification process is both easy and not. What made the key points too easy is that, the principles that the author was pointing out were simple, practical and realities that people often neglect to see because of mishandled emotions. Heart detoxification does not come with too much of a price. On the other hand, the difficult part of the process relies on how a person could have the will to go through the right process to finally let the heart beat the way it has to.

The Reflection

I was a struggling human being before I read the book. I struggled in a way that I came from a tremendous heartbreak, which lead to series of heartaches that manifested unwanted things like, I wasn’t seeing my worth, I was feeling empty, struggling and sickly, lost, sad, uncertain about a good future, etc. But the good Lord had His way of sending help. In fact, there were bunch of help that came my way, and this book is one of those. And since it helped me a lot, guess where the book is right now? I did not keep it. I handed it over to someone whom I think needs that kind of good read.

My 365 in 2018 3 of 12

MARCH marks the month of the year where the twists and turns in my life will surely get more twisted and more turned. I ended last month with questions in my mind that needs truthful answers from the heart. I am hoping that this month, I could learn to be truly honest with myself, no matter what it takes. #answers #confusionswenton #finalgoodbye #lostbutfound

DAY 60 – SPOILED: I am the best one in spoiling the people I love. This first day of the month, I brought my parents and my niece and nephew for a stroll. Of course, this day will not pass without her, having herself a toy to bring back home.


DAY 61 – HECTIC: I am sure I was able to tick a long checklist today that I forgot to eat my lunch. This is why an instant noodle can be found on my desk alongside all other workloads to finish. Later that day, I attended the prayer meeting at the church and it was as it was, relieving.


DAY 62 – CROWN: I know I am no princess but my niece made me wear this, along with my office shoes (with one inch heel-height), which she calls as the “glass slippers”. Now that tells us that I was playing as Cinderella here. For the record, today lasted without an internet connection after I paid the bill late. Everyone at home kept on asking me why. I just can’t figure out the answer. By now, it’s already back.


DAY 63 – SALT: I consumed ready-to-eat and processed foods today, perhaps because it’s my pre-menstruation season when I do not limit myself in eating any food or perhaps I was just spoiling an aunt who had just finished her surgery.


DAY 64 – ROUGH: No, these were not painful cuts but I applied the healing oil on it because these two fingers often have rough surfaces when exposed to dusty and old folders and papers at the office. This is probably part of a Record Custodian’s burden, huh!


DAY 65 – SEWING: We’ve done some data gathering today for a sewing activity in a private company.


DAY 66 – ELSA: This girl never lets boredom rule because she can play ala-fairy tale character, with or without a playmate.

DAY 67 – CREAMY: Crimson will soon be turning one year old and he’s getting more adorable each day.


DAY 68 – DATA: Now it’s time to process those data from the time and motion study. I needed to dig into the recorded videos to get the most accurate result.


DAY 69 – FACADE: It’s Saturday and as far as I can recall, I was having fever since last night, while I was out from home.


DAY 70 – PLAYTIME: I’m glad I felt better by the time baby Gab’s birthday celebration was happening. It was an afternoon of fun for the entire kids and kids at heart.

DAY 71- POOL: The pool party went pretty well today as the kids enjoyed Crimson’s first birthday celebration.


DAY 72 – CHIN: I lose some weight then gained some but this double chin never leaves my body. Hahaha…


DAY 73 – ANGLES: I just feel like taking a set of photos of my face in many angles so that I can see how I look like in different P.O.V. Just that simple.


DAY 74 – AAH!: Meg’s baby is just so lovely and responsive and somehow playful just like her. I’m glad she paid a visit to her mom (my boss) and we had this fun time with the baby.


DAY 75 – NOODLES: It’s been a while since I haven’t cook dinner for the family. This one’s easy and cheap but one of our favorites. By the way, we had it at 9p.m.


DAY 76 – CLOSET: I have a very small closet/cabinet and this time, I am rearranging stuff to optimize the space. But actually, boredom struck me at this time knowing that I spent the entire day just watching a series, eating, playing phone games and repeat.


DAY 77 – CHUBBY: “Striking here while the iron is hot”. By this, I meant, I was eating as much as I can while my appetite was still up. The long weekend allowed me to do it. This photo was another time of a sumptuous dinner with my parents and my aunt.

DAY 78 – NEIGHBORS: These two kiddos really looked so adorable while they were waiting for the two other kids in the neighborhood to show up. One day, they will make a cool set of “barkada” like what we (with my brother) had when we were younger.

DAY 79 – BRAIDS: Greyson saw me braiding my hair since I want to keep it tidy. Then that’s when her imagination flared up again and called me “Ana” while asking me to braid her hair, too, as she wanted to be the “Elsa” of the Disney movie “Frozen”.

DAY 80 – BAPTISM: I was hesitant to attend tonight’s prayer meeting after I realized that it’s being attended by most of the participants from the Prayer Summit . However, I went on as planned and that moment became extra special as I witnessed this baptismal ceremony happening that night. I got emotional as I remembered how I also went emotional during my water baptism. I must admit that it wasn’t too clear to me years ago on why I had to do it but thank God for letting me reach this point in my life when nothing else matters but honoring Him. Doing His will is scary (overwhelming) and always had me trembling. But knowing that He is God, keeps me calm and quiet. Amen to that!

DAY 81- J.I.T. (Just-in-Time): I found this from inside a used brown envelope while preparing some stuff for tomorrow’s training. That’s when I realized that it’s for the payment I made in behalf of the other region’s request. Indeed, this money came just in time when I was about to run out of some. This was the second time that something like this happened. The last time was three years ago. I read about this: What happens once, happened only once but what happens twice might happen the third time. Thus, I’d be looking forward to that possibility.


DAY 82- GREEN: I was quite not sure if I already featured something like this months ago but one thing I was certain, I had satisfaction over this green tea sweetness tonight. I hope this will not turn me into a “greeny” envious person (just like Zelena of “Once Upon A Time”). But seriously, I am struggling with this kind of challenge now, being envious.


DAY 83 – MACARONI: Mama and I had a pretty good time together when we did this baked macaroni out from impulse thoughts. I actually initiated the entire thing and with that, we were able to make three trays of it without any order in line. So how are we going to dispense these? Share!


DAY 84 – DOOR: Quoting my papa, he said, “After 25 years, there’s this ideal door at last!” Since our neighbor’s new business is on aluminum doors, papa made some kind of negotiation and this appeared in our house. Fraction of my budget was cut off because of this, though.


DAY 85 – BOOK: Before I attended a friend’s birthday dinner, I was looking for a book to give her as a gift and I bought one for myself, too. This one seems timely and since it’s author is a popular one, I prefer to cover the book with a gift wrapper so as not to leave any impression (good or bad) to the people who could see me reading this in public. Incognito mode on.PhotoGrid_1522078299368.jpg

DAY 86 – HIGHLAND: It’s travel time again with my relatives. Up in the highland of the boundary of Bukidnon and Davao City we went. It was a simple getaway but fun.


DAY 87 – MY MAMA: While on a staycation, the kids can’t help singing the “Love Story” song by Taylor Swift over and over again. On this round, my mama gave out an impressive dance move. I can say that her claims about being a dancer has a high probability of being true.

DAY 88 – FAMILIAR STRANGER: Before I wrapped up to bed, a familiar name popped up  in my Messenger and this old friend (by face) suddenly opened up his thoughts (mostly judgments) about my girlfriends, the church and life in general. The entire conversation really went awkward but nonetheless, I hope this gave this person a peace of mind by the end of the day.


DAY 89 – MOVIES: It’s been a while since I haven’t browsed on this site to look for interesting movies to download (illegally). I did not do some quality checking but I was hopeful that my downloads will be successful.


DAY 90 – LUNCH: I Spent the day with my AMAT friends and the lunch went well, like we were all realizing how we are aging, growing, adulting and that we are not getting any younger. Haha…


My 365 in 2018 2 of 12

FEBRUARY, as how the world defines it, is a month of LOVE. This 2018, it will be the beginning of my journey to quietness and trust with the Lord. #faithfulGod #Hiswillbedone #rest #healing #questions #confusions

DAY 32 – REST: I got this photo from my gallery and this was taken by my niece Greyson. This time, she did it just right and this photo has reminded me of what I need for the days to come: SLEEP, enough of it. I had a glimpse of my palm this morning and it looked so pale, which means that I probably have a low hemoglobin level. One cause of which could be that lack of sleep.



DAY 33 – RESULT: Of course, this is confidential, as how the Heading tells it so, but I just want to share how my day went with this result. First, I realized how I have been living an average life because of this all-average result. Secondly, I had a little bit of confusion on how to take the concluding statements of the result. And lastly, I am leaving the results of this result all up to Jesus.




DAY 34 – RED: This afternoon, I traveled all the way from north to the south to attend a momentous event. It’s a “blessing” day for Cutie’s business place. That explains why they were wearing red.  I had a long chat with this couple and may the good Lord prosper this business. For the record, later that night, I watched another movie in the cinema.



DAY 35 – DOMWORKS: Learning from the lives of the workers that we often ignore is essential to one’s maturity. As the agency assisted the domestic workers (DOMWORKS) of the region in celebrating their day, I appreciated the life that these people are treading. My salute to the hardworking, dedicated and honest Kasambahays out there.



DAY 36 – BROTHER: I took an unplanned leave today since I cannot stand to miss this special moment with my family as we celebrated my brother’s 34th natal day at the beach. The jellyfish stung me bad but nonetheless, I had fun. Behind all these photos were those moments of meaningful chitchats with family and relatives where we learned to truly relate from each others’ burdens.


DAY 37 – OVERSLEEPING: February is indeed a month of rest for me. When illness struck yesterday, I found my entire body in pain, especially my tonsils. My head was so painful, I’ve been having chills since last night until this afternoon. My boss told me that I must have been dehydrated so I took plenty of water. Thank God for the long sleep today and which resulted into these overslept eyes.


DAY 38 – HERBAL: I went back to work today, in the afternoon. I thank God for the renewed strength and for the wisdom of our supervisor, who helped me purchase this medicine. She said that I must take 6 tablets every after meal until I will feel better. May the good Lord grant me mercy and continuous healing.


DAY 39 – THE KEY: There were many ways that God talked to me through people He sent my way. The most audible of them all is through the lips of friends who sincerely cares. Tonight, I had a long chat with this lady. That’s the moment when the Lord has spoken to me that I have the key to free me from the bond of the past. It’s just that, I am stubborn enough for not using it, soon. Nonetheless, it’s only by His grace that I can surpass these all.


DAY 40 – New Set: Though these article jobs were assigned to me by the same client, the contents requirements changed into something like a “definition of terms” task while marketing the their services at the same time. At the first try, I thought it was easy but when the list went longer from one reference site to another, I found it tedious and it made me of asking for a higher pay. If I will, I will run the risk of losing this account.


DAY 41 – BANANAS AND BACON: These foods were kinda the healthy ones that I took in for the day. As written, that brown thing was a tuna in strips. It appeared weird there in the photo but it tasted great. The green banana was a bit hard to chew so I only finished one piece while the yellow banana with powdered milk was nostalgic as it reminded me of my favorite childhood snack. My older cousins and I ate frozen versions of this and it’s heavenly!


DAY 42 – HEARTS SUNDAY: I attended church with my parents today and this became the highlight of the day. Let’s just enjoy watching this. 🙂

DAY 43 – BRITTLE: This peanut brittle eaten in the middle of the Monday meeting was indeed an icebreaker. This came all the way from Baguio City.


DAY 44 – CHILLIS! : This “Kwek-Kwek” (Boiled egg, covered with thin, orange dough) while paired up with that seaweed and sliced cucumber made me full for the afternoon, except that those chillis made the eating process more challenging.


DAY 45 – BIRTH CERTS: I was supposed to order authenticated copies of my aunt and mom’s birth certificates today but my mood went down so bad after learning the inconsistencies on the information that I had on hand about their basic identity information. Better luck next time.



DAY 46 – KR + KC: Brothers Kalel Cloud (KC) and the newborn Kyle Rain (KR) paid a visit at the office today. I hope Kaleli will enjoy the gift I gave him while I was wishing that Kyle was able to have a comfortable time in my arms. He really looked like a shrunk version of the eldest, Kirck John a.k.a. KJ.

DAY 47 – CHINESE DRAGONS: My niece and nephew surely had fun time at the playhouse today. This video can tell us how and why. Later on this day, we had a little bit trouble managing the tantrums of Greyson as she demanded for a PhP 2000 worth of toy to be bought for her. I was ready to purchase a toy for her but not that expensive. Well, since it’s Chinese New Year, a dragon dance nearby caught her attention but she got scared of them so she asked all of us to hurriedly go home. And that’s what we call, Saved by the Dragons. Haha…

DAY 48 – DENTIST: That moment when there were twice or thrice more patients than the doctors. I was queuing for a dental update and I was hoping that it was worth the wait. I was expecting for a tooth extraction today but I thought of just having it on another day. It will be pink rubber for the month.


DAY 49 – FLESH: There were so much that I wanted to do on this day but I only ended up staying at home and feeling lazy on a Sunday.


DAY 50 – SOFT: Last Saturday’s visit at the dentist was a bit successful except that the brace adjustment must be done in a different way. The continuous band that was attached to my upper teeth braces was causing teeth sensitivity. Thus, I need to eat soft foods. No pain, no gain.


DAY 51 – MIRROR: In front of the mirror is where I always see myself as I am, inside and out. And those eyes, they were from a confused person’s eyes.


DAY 52 – EARS: While I am becoming hooked with the “Once Upon a Time” series, this little kiddo happened to be interested in what I was watching. Unfortunately, the series appeared to be so twisted from her version of common fairy tales so this explains why in this photo, the little girl became brightened and would not want to watch or listen to the series. She fell asleep behind me, covering her ears while I was watching the movie.



DAY 53 – BARRED: This message probably stirred up quite a number of complaints from people who found convenience between PayPal and GCash usage. We all hope that everything will get back to normal soon.


DAY 54 – EYES: “Those eyes cannot lie though her tongue did. Those eyes saw the truth and her inner self was waiting for her to accept such truth in the most GRACEful way. Those eyes acknowledged the fact that this memory will stay for a lifetime. Those eyes…”

Let this day be a mystery.20180224_214946.jpg

DAY 55 – RECOVERED: I finally found a precious piece of an old stuff. This “Watermelon Frost” that I bought years ago might no longer be available in town until further notice. Thank God I found one.


DAY 56 – GADGETS: As young as three years old (or maybe younger), kids today can easily have access to gadgets and knowledge on what the technology can do. As this forms part of the evolution and revolution, a greater challenge awaits to the parents of this generation. While I was doing my weekly #Coursera class, this girl was also doing her daily #YouTube session.


DAY 57 – SISTERS: It is through thick and thin that my mom and her sisters always have each other. I witnessed how the five of them were sticking through each other in distressing moments like this, being ill. On the other hand, I realized how I kinda had a hard time processing for their Birth Certificates because of how the details of their identities got jumbled up and perhaps on how disorganized the recordings were, decades ago.


DAY 58 – WORKERS: For some reason, I just find it necessary to read on the entirety of this thing since I haven’t done it yet (I only read part of the booklet, as necessary) after being in the government service for three years. Yes, it’s already been three years.20180227_214124.jpg


DAY 59 – TORN : At the start of the work-hour, I had a little bit of confusion and challenge as I was torn between doing something right and some that is less right. In fact, I was not able to determine which is which. But in the midst of it all, things boiled down to me, asking myself: “When will I ever learn to be rude and selfish just to spare myself from lots of responsibilities?” This is, perhaps, a thought that I must keep on asking myself from this moment on. So, that’s how I concluded this month then!


My 365 in 2018 1 of 12

365 days ago, I started drafting this post where I take one photo or media each day and say something about how my day went on with it. I know that this will be worth reading on the eve of January 1st, 2019. 52 weeks, 12 months and endless uncertainties, shocks and surprises surely await!

JANUARY is the first of the 12 and these were the things that transpired… #newyear #January #surprising #challenging.


DAY 1 – THE DRIVE: Driving an automatic car for the first time in a 7.5 km distance with papa as my guide/teacher and mama as my passenger was a milestone

DAY 2 – SIARGAO: I has that funny moment when I watched a movie alone as part of my kind of “moving on” steps but the nickname of the “bida” (protagonist) was the same as my ex’s. Haha… You’re such a joker, God!

DAY 3 – LEARN: Whether it is for one’s own spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical growth, there is always more room for learning. This day was the day one of my online class in Coursera, where I passed for a free learning session.

DAY 4 – JUSTICE DEFINED: Just reading this made me hear God’s answer to my inquiries through prayers.

DAY 5 – PLANNER: It’s still the first five days of the year yet the list of things to do was already getting long!


DAY 6 – JUICING: It’s my first juicing session for this year and I was hoping to keep doing this  every day, so, help me, God. The taste wasn’t quite good though.


DAY 7 – UNKNOWN: Not all days are good but good things still do happen. As for me, I was in deep confusion on this day and I wished I could only blame it to that thong called “hormonal imbalance”.

DAY 8 -EARLY BIRD: The daily time record card was getting better. No tardiness, so far! (When I edited this blog on Jan 12, I remembered that I committed a 2-minute late on the day. Goodbye, PhP500!)

DAY 9- CAR: Something like this will become another item to add in the “Dream List”. My cousins told me that this can’t be mine but thanks to them for lending me their hot wheels so I could practice how to drive (at least for an automatic one).

DAY 10 – OPPORTUNITY: I kept on hoping that job offers like this will keep coming. I just needed to earn more to pay for my debts, which 30% was enjoyed by me and the other 70% was enjoyed by other people who I lent my name to. Well, I still got to pay for yesteryears’ mistakes.

DAY 11- GREY: I told her that my phone was screen-locked but she still found a way to use the camera through the shortcut at the lock screen. And there she is!😂😂

DAY 12 – SOLO: Sometimes, going solo makes me feel lonely although ideally, moments like this should turn out into a state of solitude and reflection (with foods, more ideally!).

DAY 13 – LAYOUT: This was taken around 6:15 in the evening of Saturday. I usually stay at home on Saturdays and today, I spent most of my time chatting with my parents about how this house will undergo a re-layout. We made great plans, lots of choices but the thing was, these won’t work without “cen” (money in Chavacano dialect). But the year is still young so let’s see what will happen in the coming months.

Photo (14)

DAY 14 – PAIN: It is almost every month when I get to feel this abdominal pain due to menstruation but what also comes along with it is that state of melancholy. I am still pressing on with this state while pressing on some hot compress to ease the pain away.

DAY 15 – NCCC: I passed by this place today and had a heartfelt sadness realizing that my previous workplace, my once family, had gone through such an unfortunate fate before 2017 ended. (sigh)

DAY 16 – SEMINAR: I know many seminars like this one await ahead of me for this year. My anticipation of some developments in my career in government service is surely a positive thought to keep in mind. May God sustain me all throughout the mind-boggling and body draining processes.


DAY 17 – GLASS: In the middle of the training session, this scene had me wondering if whether I was really in a seminar or in a bar/tavern except that all the lights are on and there are decent people around. Well, that’s for today’s random humor (I hope you got me right).

DAY 18 – SEHRA: No, that weren’t Daniel Padilla and Susan Roces standing beside me! I look a bit messed up in here and I realized this just now. Anyway, I finally finished the 4-day seminar and yes, there’s so much to learn and perform in the interest of public service.

DAY 19 – SKYPEing: I went at the DOLE Regional Office this afternoon to undergo an interview for my application for LEO I for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. I, along with the people who supports me on this, prayed for God’s leading on me toward this but ultimately, God’s will be done.

DAY 20 – KIDDOS: The only thing I realized today was how essential one’s family is in coping up with life’s challenges. May these kids find a strong foundation in this family, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


DAY 21 – KIDDOS OVERLOAD: I attended baby Gab’s “dedication” today and met loads of cutie patooties in the family. I MUST ADMIT, I had been wishing to be married and had spent time with kids of my own. Nonetheless, thanks for the parents who lent me theirs in times like this!

DAY 22 – SURFING: This girl had grown up too fast, smarter yet a bit more stubborn as well. I just thank God for playtime sessions like this and I hope to be playing more with her and her brother in the years to come.

DAY 23 – CURLS: Yes, the curls were back, naturally! I swear, I miss dealing with this “buhaghag” hair because I still love them even when it gets too annoying at times and even when I look really ugly with it. Nonetheless, I love the fact that I can tie them up anytime.


DAY 24 – CASH AND CHECK: I am starting to enjoy the convenience of having G-Cash in my pocket while I was catching up today’s’ due for a post-dated check. Thanks to my friend, Tin, who is ever-willing to lend a hand and my sister-in-law, who I discovered has a pretty huge 5-digit salary take-out (hahahaha…). More blessings to all of you!


DAY 25 – STRESS AWAY: I realized that I had been wearing the same shirt and pajamas for four days today but they still didn’t smell awful. Anyway, a short playtime with this kiddo helped me get rid of some stress after tonight’s overtime work at the office. Thank God for children who teach us the benefits of being carefree sometimes.

DAY 26 – PIGGING OUT: Being surrounded by these women may mean chaos at times but we always find harmony together when it comes to food. Last night’s OT deserves a “pigging out” session like this. Thank God for another shot of bonus!


DAY 27 – BOOMERANG : I surely loved how this cutie patootie projected herself as the Boomerang app became one of our favorites! We did this at home but we already had collections of Boomerang shots while we were at the mall earlier that day.


DAY 28 – MASSAGE : I was enjoying the perks of having a massage therapist cousin while we were the middle of my auntie’s birthday celebration. Goodbye, panuhots (bad gas in the body? Not sure with its English equivalent)!



DAY 29 – REVIVAL: I ordered these stuffs from a friend who’s been working at the NCCC Mall and luckily, she was able to retrieve these items after the fire incident. It looked all so melted and so, I reprocessed them like a pro chemist and here are the results!


(Top: Finished product, Bottom: Melted)

DAY 30 – WHOAH! : I received this in my Yahoomail inbox this afternoon. I must admit that this had my heart skipping for an hour or two. There were too many interpretations and assumptions about it but nonetheless, I lift it all up to God.


DAY 31 – SANITY: So this was how I started the last day of the month. I went to a Neuro-Psychiatric Testing Center and Medical Clinic to comply with the requirements in relation to my story the other day. I had fun answering the questions but I felt a bit tensed because of how the result may appear, which we will all find out on the 2nd day of February.
















Simple Crossroads

When you are caught up with life’s various options, you need to halt and think of what could best be done first, right here, right now. Every day, there are simple crossroads to take. Whichever direction which you decide to go, make sure that you are geared with all the needed tools to finish that phase. Otherwise, you will find yourself starting all over again.

Just a random thought here… ✌

Generous New Year

The tail of 2017 was seemingly tragic to many fellows in the Philippines. As I was counting the blessings that I received all throughout the year, I was hoping that others who were this year’s victims of various tragedies would still be able to count theirs. The war in Marawi, the storm, landslide and flood in Visayas and Mindanao and the fire incidents that engulfed a big mall in town and a number of barrios in the city had left survivors, families and friends mourning for the lost of their loved ones and seeking for whatever help that the community could offer.

As Christmas is the season of giving, it is also a season of being thankful for the grace that we receive each and every day. There is no way that we should be thankful for being fortunate while others are not. Instead, we could only be thankful for every opportunity that we could come to the Lord and seek His will for us. Even the act of giving is one thing that we must seek permission from God. As we start the year with a cheerful heart, let our hands be open to offer help as we give to our fellows out of love and the desire to help. May we’d be able to give, not out of guilt but be lead by the Lord to offer help. May we’d be able to give without prejudice. May we’d be able to give more without leaving ourselves empty. May we’d be able to give, not because we desire to receive in return.

Have a generous 2018 ahead!


To the Man God has Prepared for Me

Hi there!

I was looking at the night sky awhile ago and saw the moon in its irregular shape.

Then thoughts of you crossed my mind and started telling you these, from a distance:

“Are you looking at the same sky right now? If you are, are you also thinking about me? I messed up in the past. I gave so much of myself to that person in the past and I am sorry that it might take a while before our paths are going to cross. I pray that our good Lord will preserve you all throughout this waiting period. In time, I believe, He will lead us into one path and we can hear Him say, ‘Here is the person I prepared for you.’ Oh that was such a sweet phrase from our Creator, isn’t it? For now, give me time to heal myself, let me regain what I have lost before and sadly, that includes my relationship with our Lord. You see? I told you I messed up a lot but I hope that you could still embrace me wholly, both my past, my present and the future that I will be making with you. I am hoping that you would be able to embrace my ambitions, my shortcomings, my weaknesses and simply, a family with me. I and our Lord Jesus still has a relationship to mend and to nurture and I hope by this time, you are also in good dealings and business with Him. He’s great to be with, isn’t He? He’s thrilling and fun and very loving. There’s never a dull moment with Him, we’d only forget that we’re waiting. I am excited to hear how you’ve been taking the adventure with Him right now but it’s not yet for me to know because the Lord and I also have our dealings, our time, our moments and that’s where I should put my focus on. Just wait for me, my man. I still have wounds needing to be healed but rest assured that the process is in good progress. I still have responsibilities to undertake, goals to complete and preparations to do, so that by the time I will see you, I am already whole, whole again, whole with the Lord, whole for you. And so, while you are also waiting out there, take time to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, be the man that He wants you to be, the man that I would love you to be, pray unceasingly, trust His timing, His perfect timing, draw near Him as I draw near Him as well. Then that’s where we’ll meet.”


The woman, God has prepared for you. 🙂


A Familiar Place Could Mend A Broken Heart

People with broken hearts often avoid the places, the incidents or the activities where they could remember the person who broke them. I agree on the fact that it takes time to heal but sometimes, you need to feel all the pain in order for you to finally let go of it.

This morning, I was able to sit in a spot where I had a pretty good memory with my ex-boyfriend and it felt so great to be able to make a new memory in that place, with just myself. But I know I was not there alone. I know He was there with me all along. Almost a year ago, I could only see that there were just two of us but there were actually three. He was there before and He was still sitting with me there this morning. He’s the One who never left, who never let go and who will always be with me for eternity. I know I got the courage to be in that place because it will be a special meeting with Him. All that was left for me to do while sitting on that same spot was to enjoy the moment of being alone with Him. He’s just there, watching me and whispering to me His words, saying, “I’m glad you made it here today with me. Let’s do this more often.”

And from there, I am no longer afraid to be in those familiar places. Memories may still linger but those are already things in the past, worthy to be overwritten by new memories with the One who never leaves, with the One who keeps His promises, with the real Lover of my soul.


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